About Us

Our Purpose

The Velodrome Development Foundation believes that cycling is an ideal connector—exciting young people but also advancing the life-time sport of cycling for all.  Sports is a powerful connector in society today and the Center and the programs that will take place there will positively impact generations of young people.  The Center will be a vibrant destination for world-class events and competitions—and it will touch lives throughout the region for decades to come.

Board of Directors

  • Greg LeMond Honorary Chair, Velodrome Development Foundation
    3-time Tour de France Winner – Greenback, TN
  • Stephen Whisnant President/Chairman, Velodrome Development Foundation
    Founder, Whisnant Strategies – Washington, DC
  • Dave Chauner Vice President, Velodrome Development Foundation
    CEO, World Cycling Limited – West Chester, PA
  • Rick Mayer Secretary/Treasurer, Velodrome Development Foundation
    President, MFUNd Foundation – Guilford, CT
  • Michael Dinda EVP First Trust Bank – Conshohocken PA
  • Kevin Dutt Business Consultant – Boston, MA
  • Bruce Hernandez Founder and Principal, Spire Capital Management – St. Davids, PA
  • John Nelson Managing Director, Turing Technology Associates – Boston MA
  • Crosby Wood Partner, New Heritage Properties – Coatesville, PA
  • Jason Danner EVP Kelly Benefits Strategies, Local Cyclist – Kenneth Square, PA
  • Sean Carithers A Global Business Technology Leader – Richmond, VA
Greg LeMond 3-time Tour de France Winner, Honorary VDF Chair

“I am very excited to play an active role in this project. I’ve always understood how important track racing and indoor velodromes are to the future of the sport as a sustainable, entertaining business and as a center for youth development.”

~ Greg LeMond, 3-time Tour de France Winner,
Honorary VDF Chair

Thank you!

The Velodrome Development Foundation is grateful for the generous support of the visionaries who have contributed to the early success of our project.

Barbri Inc.
Kathryn Bertine
Matt Bricker
Eric Burkey
Richard Cashin
David Chauner
Frank Chauner
Cynthia Chauner-Niendorf
Cycle Haven Foundation
Peter Dardaris
Michael Dinda
Paul Gajer
Alex Gellman
Bruce Hernandez
Dwight Johnson
Tom Kempner
Kevin Dutt
H. Chase Lenfest
Mark Azierski
Rick Mayer
Rick McDougall
Lex McMillan
MFUNd, Inc.
Dave Mulica
John Nelson
Susan O’Leary-Mulhern
Parveen Panwar
Greg & Sharon Rexing
John Siegel
Peter Weber
Stephen Whisnant
Bill Whitman
Tiger Williams
Peter Wiswell

We are perpetually grateful for your support!

Carrying on a Centuries-Old Tradition

Major Taylor was the first African American professional sports celebrity to captivate sports fans around the world. In the early 20th Century he set historic trends, broke racial barriers and advanced excellence. These overriding themes are embraced by the National Sports and Events Center to be the premiere sports facility in the U.S. today.

“I would advise all youths aspiring to athletic fame or a professional career to practice clean living, fair play and good sportsmanship.”
~ Major Taylor