Founders Circle

We’re changing the course of American cycling.
And transforming lives at the same time.

We invite you to join a visionary group of early philanthropic investors who are inspired by the possibilities of this exciting adventure.

All donations will be directed to early development costs and facility planning.  Additionally, support will help build and grow the early youth sports development programs and set in motion a sustainable model that will serve young people in the region, and around the country.  The Founders Circle is one option and to learn more about the giving program and the Center, please view the link here.

steve whisnant

“Please join a growing list of donors who believe the new Center can positively impact the lives of young people–and bring to the region a world-class facility. This new complex and programs and events that will take place there will set a new benchmark for sports and community engagement. I welcome your review and participation and please don’t hesitate reaching out to me personally. This facility will be one of the most exciting cycling and event spaces in the world.”
~Stephen Whisnant, VDF President

Want to know more? Call Stephen Whisnant direct at 202.416.4735.